Funeral Home Arrangements Jonesboro AR

Why Faith Funeral Service Is Prominent in Jonesboro AR Funeral Home Arrangement?

Funeral homes can differ from business to business, but these are some of the basic services provided. Funeral home service in Jonesboro AR will:
  1. Be on call to serve families when a death occurs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  2. Remove and transfer the deceased from the place of death (home, nursing home, hospital, etc.) to the funeral home.
  3. Perform professional care of the deceased, as requested by the family, which may include washing, embalming, restorative art, dressing, casketing, hairdressing, and cosmetology.
  4. Arrange a consultation with the family to gather the information necessary for completing paperwork (certificate of death, etc.) and to arrange the details of the funeral service.
  5. Compose, with the provided information, an obituary that includes information about the service (date, time, location, etc.), and biographical and survivor information; send to all newspapers as requested by the family and publish on Faith's website and Facebook.
  6. Offer assistance to the family and make arrangements with any special groups (military, fraternal, etc.) to be present at or participate in funeral services.
  7. Contact and arrange necessary details with the cemetery, crematory, or other places of disposition, inquiring about fees, regulations, and other requirements before funeral services.
  8. Help families with questions about veteran affairs, social security benefits, insurance claims, and other related inquiries.
  9. Help families by arranging flowers, framed photos, photo collages, and other memorial pieces in the chapel during services and/or visitation.
  10. Professionally direct the chosen funeral services, from visitation to funeral service, to processional and disposition of remains.

Cremation Process in Jonesboro AR

Cremation, which is often more affordable and flexible than traditional funeral arrangement and burial options, has risen in popularity in recent years. Cremation is a method of body disposal that serves as an alternative to traditional burial in a coffin or casket. Placed in a cremation container, the remains are incinerated in an industrial furnace and reduced to basic chemical compounds like gases, ashes, and mineral fragments called cremains. 

Cremains pose no health risk and are generally returned to the deceased’s family who will either keep them in an urn or another special container or enter them at a memorial site or crematory. The gases released during the process are discharged through an exhaust system. The bodies are processed one at a time. There is usually no smell because the emissions are processed to destroy the smoke and vaporize the gases that would smell.

The process takes place in a cremation chamber at a crematory. The duration of the cremation process usually depends on certain factors like:

  • weight or size of the body

Faith Funeral Service is a Leading Funeral Home Provider in Jonesboro AR. They are Very much committed to the well-being of the families they serve and also preserve the integrity of Christian values by providing professionalism, personal attention, dignity, and respect at the lowest possible price.